An Unlikely Ending: Ending AIDS by 2030

The NGO Delegation brings the unique, first-hand experiences and perspectives of people
living with HIV and key populations to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
(UNAIDS) Programme Coordinating Board (PCB). Each year, it presents a nongovernmental
organizations’ (NGO) report that focuses on a critical emerging issue for affected
communities and that is informed by the Delegation’s constituencies.
The 2016 NGO Report is entitled An unlikely ending: ending AIDS by 2030 without
sustainable funding for the community-led response. This report provides an overview of the
global consensus on the need for a well-resourced community response to HIV. It outlines
some of the key barriers faced by communities in terms of accessing funding from donors,
and provides practical recommendations for improving financing systems so as to better
support the community response. Furthermore, this report offers examples of good practices
and case studies of select mechanisms through which communities can access funding. The
purpose of this report is to provide insight and guidance to donors, Member States, and
UNAIDS on the importance of, and approaches to, effective financing of communities in the
HIV response. It is the NGO Delegation’s intention to support, with this report, the
implementation of decisions set out above and at the end of this document (see paragraphs

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