Delegation Ready for 37th Global Fund Board Meeting

We are in Kigali, Africa’s cleanest city, for the 37th Board Meeting of the Global Fund.

We are preparing our talking points and are encouraged about the discussions that will ensue over the coming days as we seek to improve the response to AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Some of the key agenda matters up for discussion and decisions at this Board Meeting that are of high importance to us are:

  1. Selection Process for the next Executive Director
  2. Appointment of a new Board Chair and Vice Chair
  3. Continuing Resource Mobilization and Commitment of Financial Resources
  4. Sustainability, Transitioning and Co-Financing
  5. Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM) Code of Conduct
  6. Report on Community, Rights and Gender
  7.   Support for Venezuela Crisis

Hristijan and Allan, Board Member and Alternate Board Member, are looking forward to raising issues pertinent to key and vulnerable populations living with and affected by the three diseases, and those relating to the important work we do as civil society in our respective countries to reduce the incidence and impact of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in our communities.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns/issues that you wish for us to raise and include in our interventions or if you would like further information or clarification on anything.

We look forward to hearing from you! Stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for regular updates.

~ Developing Country NGO Delegation

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