Summary Statement on the 37th Board Meeting: Kigali Rwanda

Members of the Delagation at the 37th Board Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. From left, Jorge Saavendra (Strategy Committee Member), Hristijan Jankuloski (Outgoing Board Member), Edona Deva (Alternate Board Member- Elect), Allan Maleche (Board Member-Elect), Loretta Wong (Delegation Member), Jaevion Nelson (Treasurer) and Jomain McKenzie (Communication Focal Point).










The DCNGO Delegation completed a three-day retreat in Bangkok Thailand to prepare for the 37th Board Meeting as well as to develop a work plan and strategy for the year and to strengthen Constituency management. The delegation also employed the strategy of utilizing a policy analyst consultant and, to assist in the review of the Board Meeting’s documents and create a 1-year strategic work plan.

To further aid the process, the Delegation arrived 6 days in advance of the Board Meeting to read, review and conduct strategy meetings with other Board colleagues, civil society and Secretariat officials.

The lives of those affected and impacted by AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria are the reason for our convening. The Chair reminded the Board of this key principle as he ushered in the lighting of the remembrance candle – lit by the Western and Central Africa Constituency. The Board was later led through formal welcomes and introductions from the government of Rwanda, by the President of Rwanda himself The Hon. Paul Kagame.

Some of the Delegation’s key issues for the 37th Board Meeting included:

  1. The Sustainability, Transitioning and Cofinancing (STC) Policy
  2. Catalytic Investments
  3. Decision Point on Venezuela*
  4. Country Coordinating Mechanism, Strategy and Code of Conduct
  5. Resource Mobilization
  6. The terms of reference (TOR) for the Board Leadership
  7. The Joint World Bank Investment in The Democratic Republic of Congo

Allan Maleche (Alternate Board Member) was also seeking election to the Board Chair seat. This decision would be taken within the Implementer Group. Ms. Aida Kurtovic (outgoing Vice Chair of TGF Board) was elected Chair of the Board.

The Board voted on some 10 decisions. The Delegation approved all except one, “Global Fund Financing Agreement with the World Bank.” Position Statements were drafted and shared with the Board and Public.

The Constituency met with key civil society players in Rwanda and presented their key issues to the relevant Secretariat staff. These included issues related to grant management and country income classifications.

The 38th Board meeting will be held in November 2017 in Switzerland.

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