Meet the Delegation

The Delegation represents a constituency which includes national, regional and global NGOs and networks, civil society representatives on CCMs and regional CCMs as well as civil society implementers of Global Fund grants who operate as PRs, SRs and SSRs. Delegates serving on the Delegation reflect this diversity and are drawn from NGOs, CBOs and FBOs working on the three diseases and also organizations working on related crosscutting-issues such as human rights, key and vulnerable populations and gender.

Sitting on The Global Fund Board, we influence decisions to ensure strategic responsiveness to the concerns of NGOs that serve those affected by HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria. The Constituency has one vote on The Board. A diversity of persons from developing countries across the global south form the team. The full leadership team may consist of: a Board Member (BM), an Alternate Board Member (ABM), a Treasurer, committee members who are delegation members and a non-voting Communications Focal Point (CFP).

Allan Maleche, Attorney-at-Law

Board Member

Allan Maleche is the Board Member representing Developing County NGOs on the Global Fund Board.

He is a dynamic thought leader in the field of global health governance, with over a decade of experience in promoting ethical, human rights-based approaches to health planning, programming and service delivery. His work has substantively focused on HIV and tuberculosis in Kenya. He has served as Chair of the Implementers Group of the Global Fund Board, which represents ten diverse government and civil society constituencies.

He is the founding Executive Director of Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network on HIV and AIDS (KELIN). In 2016, he was named Kenya’s Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year.

On the Global Fund Board, as Chair of the Implementers Group (2015-2017), Allan has woven together the diverse ten constituencies of the Implementers Group to develop a set of shared priorities, strengthen internal governance and communications among constituencies, and collectively produced a roadmap that tackles important issues, including: absorptive capacity, sustainability & transition, and human rights & gender equality. He has championed the Global Fund replenishment process in Kenya and globally

As an implementer, in a developing country KELIN under the leadership of Allan has provided technical assistance for the Global Fund on community, rights and gender, and has provided technical support in Kenya and South Sudan, conducting legal environment assessments and identifying measures to mitigate human rights risks to Global Fund-financed programs. KELIN is part of a regional grant from the Global Fund which focuses on removing legal barriers to access services by key populations in HIV and TB in 10 African Countries.

In Kenya, Allan has used the legal framework to safeguard the rights of communities affected by HIV & TB through litigating landmark cases, including Daniel Ng’etich and Others v The Honourable Attorney General and Others, which successfully argued against incarceration of persons with tuberculosis as a public health measure; KELIN and Others v The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health and Others, which seeks to overturn a directive by the President requiring real-name registration of children living with HIV; and Petitions 605 and 606 of 2014 on forced and coerced sterilisation of women living with HIV. Since his appointment as executive director of KELIN in 2010. KELIN is now recognized globally for its work in advancing the rights of persons affected by HIV and tuberculosis.

Allan was instrumental in developing the Nairobi Strategy on TB and Human Rights in collaboration with Stop TB Partnership and the University of Chicago International Human Rights Clinic. The Strategy outlines a human rights-based framework for achieving the Global Plan to End TB 2016-2020. He has also been a leader in developing analysis of TB and human rights, by co-hosting the first workshops to raise awareness of TB with civil society, TB survivors and affected communities, and the judiciary in India and the African region.
As a two-time survivor of malaria himself, Allan is also a champion for the fight to reduce and eliminate malaria by building on progress, combining efforts and expanding investment in interventions that are proven to work.

A former fellow at the FXB Center for Health and Human rights at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Allan holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Nairobi, and a Diploma in Gender and Human Rights from Uppsala University. His research and writing has appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals, including the Harvard Health and Human Rights journal, and Health Research and Policy Systems. Allan is frequently an invited speaker and is often sought out by press, with appearances on national television on such issues as accountability and transparency in African health sectors, effective devolution of health to county governments, the right to privacy in the context of HIV, and women’s health rights. In 2016, he was listed as one of the Top 40 under 40 men in Kenya’s Business Daily.


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Dr. Edona Deva

Alternate Board Member

Edona is a Medical Doctor, a public health specialist and Master of Health Management with over twelve years of experience in planning, coordination, and program management. She has vast knowledge in HIV and AIDS at various levels of the response.

From 2003-2008 she coordinated a multi-sectorial national response working as a National AIDS Coordinator; contributing to the development of the National AIDS Program by mobilizing national and international resources to ensure universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services.

Edona has played a key role in the initiation of HIV treatment and care services in Kosovo by ensuring a sustainable and steady allocation for the ART and HIV reference lab, from the government budget. Her efforts to set up a local NGO to work with people affected by the disease resulted in the establishment of Kosovo Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS, and the first community center for PLHIV Care. In a very conventional and conservative political setting, she strongly advocated the initiation of harm-reduction and OST programs for PWID.

Edona has a long-standing expertise in Global Fund processes having served as PR, supported national grant writing process and serving on the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM). In 2008, she began her service as a Global Fund HIV Program Manager. A position she holds today.

Edona joined Community Development Fund in 2011. She’s also a member of Kosovo AIDS Committee and National Anti-drug Commission. She has extensive experience engaging with partners at national, regional and international levels, including governments, UN agencies, civil society and multilateral donor agencies.

Edona is not only a strong leader in national HIV programs, but has proven capability in working in post-war, transitional, as well as in socially diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural settings. Edona is a strong human rights advocate and fights daily against stigma and discrimination towards socially marginalized groups and people affected by the three diseases.


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Jomain McKenzie

Communications Focal Point

Jomain McKenzie is a public health communication specialist, project manager and human rights voice from Jamaica. He has studied in the United Kingdom and the United States during his undergraduate and post-graduate years.

He now serves as Communications Focal Point since 2014.

Jomain has been a master trainer and facilitator and has coordinated and facilitated regional consultations in South-East Asia, including Thailand and Indonesia. He has also conducted similar work on behalf of the Global Fund Board, in Rwanda and Kenya, to name a few.

Jomain has served as a consultant on numerous regional and international projects including the PEPFAR-funded LINKAGES project. He has served as Chief Operations Officer for The Ashe Company, the Kingston-based Edutainment and Theatre Arts Company working with at-risk and vulnerable youth, in Jamaica and the region, in areas of sexual health, HIV and AIDS, human rights and personal empowerment.

In 2013, Jomain served Rotary Ambassador to the United Kingdom, on behalf of Rotary Oklahoma, United States. During his tenure, he toured parts of London and the East Midlands bringing awareness to Rotary’s polio eradication efforts and advocating for Rotary’ increased support of HIV and AIDS programmes.

The young humanitarian has used his agency to raise thousands of dollars for polio eradication projects, disaster relief efforts after the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, Schools’ rebuilding activities after Hurricane Dean in Jamaica, and water projects for native communities in Honduras, to name a few.

The former performer, turned public speaker has received numerous awards and recognition for his persistent call for the recognition of the human rights of Jamaica’s most vulnerable, including its LGBT communities.

Jomain sits on the Strategic Communications Committee for the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) and is a volunteer advisor and personal mentor in Queen Elizabeth II’s Young Leaders Programme.


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Jaevion Nelson


Jaevion Nelson is a Director at Equality for All Foundation (JFLAG) a Non-Profit NGO that is in the business of promoting social and change in furtherance of the well-being of the members of the LGBT community.

Matched with this, Jaevion has served as Chairman of the HIV Young Leaders Fund; Member of the Technical Advisory Committee, PANCAP Regional Global Fund Project; Board Member, Help JA Children and Vice Chairperson, Jamaica’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)

In 2007, Nelson joined the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN) and later headed the organisation’s SRH and HIV portfolio, including as Executive Director between 2011 and 2013, leading them to become the premier youth-led organization in the HIV sector in Jamaica. JYAN boasts a strong reputation in sexual and reproductive health and rights programmes for young people.

Jaevion holds an MSc in Social Development and Communication from the University of Wales, Swansea in the United Kingdom where he was a Chevening Scholar; and a BSc in Management Studies (Marketing) from the University of the West Indies, Mona.

He has over a decade of experience in health and social development and communication. He has experience working in civil society as a programmer and advocate on issues relating to governance, sexual and reproductive health and rights, violence prevention, human rights, youth rights and participation and communication.

Some of his previous positions include being a reporter at Jamaica’s oldest newspaper – the Gleaner Co. Ltd.; Teacher at the Convent of Mercy Academy “Alpha” and Programme Officer & Campaign Coordinator at the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), where he managed two national peace campaigns. He has lobbied US foreign policymakers on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on issues relating to youth sexual and reproductive health, human rights and HIV. He has represented civil society at several human rights, youth development and HIV meetings, including speaking on panels on Capitol Hill and the UN High Level Meeting on HIV.

Jaevion Nelson was a nominee and finalist in Amfar’s Elizabeth Taylor Human Rights Award 2014.


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Loretta Wong

Delegation Member

As the Director of Global Partnerships and Advocacy in AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Loretta is responsible for the development of AIDS advocacy strategy and identifying new partnerships for 33 countries around the world. Before joining the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Loretta was the Chief Executive of a Hong Kong based NGO, AIDS Concern, where she began solid experience in organisation management, including strategic planning and development, governance, programme development and management, financial management, human resources management, fundraising, NGO & government collaboration and stakeholder relationship.

Her current position as Board Member and previously Alternate Board Member (May 2011 to June 2013) in the Developing Country NGO Delegation to Board of The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has also enhanced her knowledge and handling of multi-lateral collaboration in aid-programmes on the national level. She specializes in the areas of governance reform, risk management and helps to ensur that the voices of civil society organisations in developing countries are heard at the global health policy-making level. In Nov 2013, she was elected as the Vice-chair of the Implementer Bloc of the Board of Global Fund, leading 10 implementer constituencies from developing countries.

Loretta has excellent interpersonal skills and strong leadership in organization and team settings. She has a positive mindset and is willing to learn new knowledge and skills. She is sensitive to the diverse needs of affected populations at country level and ready to defend their needs, human dignity and rights. She is strong in communication and can engage with people from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds.


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Dr. Hristijan Jankuloski

Delegation Member

Hristijan brings to the Delegation over 15 years of management experience in the NGO sector on the national and international stage. In his capacity, as Executive Director of HOPS, Hristijan has provided sound leadership in strategic and programmatic planning, needs assessment, human resource management and financial planning, management and reporting for programs supporting marginalized populations including drug users and sexworkers.

In particular, Hristijan’s work has had focus on establishing, managing and scaling up harm reduction and HIV and TB prevention programs targeting vulnerable populations. To this end he has led capacity building programmes for professionals-medical doctors, social workers, psychologists, teachers and NGO members, within different projects for primary prevention of drug use; Harm Reduction; HIV/AIDS prevention; Health education, prevention of TB – including developing and delivering training courses for outreach workers. He has also drafted and co-created IEC materials, training materials and manuals.

Among his work, Hristijan has successfully advocated for the increased support and sustainability of harm reduction and HIV prevention programmes within his home state and across the global south. He is a member of National AIDS Commission and the National Commission for TB control in Macedonia. A seasoned professional in the developmental world, Hristijan has partnered with numerous multilaterals in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
He serves as a delegation member since September 2009; served as a Global Fund Board Member from April 2015 till May 2017; Executive Director Nominations Committee member from November 2016 till March 2017; Finance and Operational Performance Committee member from 2014 till 2016 and a delegation treasurer from 2013 till 2016.

Since 2012 he has chaired the CCM of the Republic of Macedonia.


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Dr. Jorge Saavedra

Strategy Committee Member

Jorge Saavedra is an HIV and AIDS physician, and internationally recognize human rights advocate. As previous head of CENSIDA, Dr. Saavedra led the successful effort to provide access to lifesaving antiretroviral therapy to all Mexican citizens living with HIV/AIDS through the national health system. Having joined the national HIV/AIDS program in 1997, Dr. Saavedra founded the first HIV/AIDS ambulatory care clinic in Mexico in 2000—the Clinica Condesa— now the largest HIV/AIDS provider in Mexico currently caring for 3,000 patients.

The Mexican government has now established fifty-two sites based on his successful model under the name CAPASITS. Jorge was also instrumental in bringing the XVII International AIDS Conference to Mexico City in 2008—the first time the conference had been held in a Latin American country. An outspoken advocate on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment issues, Jorge designed and led the first official government-approved media campaign to promote the use of condoms in Mexico. He has also been out front with regard to the need to address stigma, discrimination and homophobia in the fight against HIV/AIDS around the world.

Joining with AIDS Healthcare Foundation and a coalition of Mexican advocacy groups, Dr. Saavedra has been a key leader in the campaign to lower the cost of antiretroviral medications. His participation in recent successful lobbying efforts aimed at pharmaceutical companies and the Mexican government has resulted in increased access to lifesaving treatment for those in need. Dr. Saavedra received his medical degree from the National Autonomous The university of Mexico and earned Master degrees in both public health and health policy and management from Harvard University.


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Dr. Andriy Klepikov

Delegation Member

Andriy is a civil society dedicated and performance-driven top executive with over 20 years of innovative and ambitious leadership in HIV/TB, and broader health and human rights areas. His diverse and successful work experience includes international and local NGOs, donor and academia. Proven strengths in stakeholder relations, managing complexity and change, successful implementation of strategies and programs to achieve impact at a national scale and contributing to influencing policy landscape regionally and globally.

Andriy Klepikov is Executive director of the Alliance for Public Health (formerly known as International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine), one the largest HIV and TB focused NGOs in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Being its founding director, he is currently managing the organization with over 100 staff, implementing complex and comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment and care program as well as other programs aimed at fighting TB, HCV and other deceases. Managing portfolio includes nation-wide, regional and global projects funded by a number of international donors. In particular, Andriy’s organization serves as principal recipient of several programmes funded by the Global Fund.

Andriy is managing one of the largest harm reduction programmes globally in partnership with field-level NGOs reaching with services to over 200 000 people who inject drugs annually, he is leading scaling up opioid-substitution therapy program (the largest in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region), he runs growing TB program in Ukraine focusing on procuring and providing access to up-to-date diagnostics and MDR-TB treatment, he is leading advocacy efforts in access to Hepatitis C treatment.

Andriy received Ph.D. in philosophy in 1996 in Ukraine and did Post-Doctoral Studies & Research in Sociology being a Visiting Scholar at the Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research, New York in 1996-1997. In 2008, he successfully completed executive management education program International Masters in Practicing Management which was run jointly by the following universities / business schools: INSEAD (France); McGill University (Canada); India Institute of Management (Bangalore); Lancaster University (UK); Korean Development Institute and Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology.

He has been an elected member of the Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Global Fund Board since April 2013.


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Dr. Carolyn Gomes

Delegation Member

Dr. The Honourable, J. Carolyn Gomes, Executive Director of Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) since January 2014, has a distinguished record as a Human Rights advocate. As Executive Director of CVC Carolyn Gomes is its chief spokesperson helping to determine and drive its strategic direction, vision and work in policy analysis, advocacy and resource mobilization to support the scale up of services to vulnerable communities and to build capacity among the regional network of civil society actors. The CVC currently manages grants for and with numerous countries of the Caribbean.

A medical doctor since 1980, Carolyn worked in public and private medicine in Trinidad and Jamaica until 2002 when she gave up practice to work full time on issues of human rights. Prior to joining CVC Dr. Gomes was Executive Director of Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) a non-profit, Citizens’ Rights Action Group which she helped found in 1999, and led to become a nationally, regionally and internationally recognized organization advocating against State abuse of rights and strengthening legislative and other provisions for the protection of rights. Her work on human rights was recognized by the United Nations in 2008 and Jamaica in 2009, when she was conferred with the Order of Jamaica (OJ). She is entitled to be styled as ‘the Honourable.’


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Morgane Ahmar

Delegation Member

Morgane Ahmar is the Advocacy Officer, Association de Lutte Contre le Sida (ALCS) – Morocco. ALCS is a member of Coalition PLUS. Morgane Ahmar is an advocate on HIV/AIDS and human rights with ALCS, one of MENA’s leading community-based NGOs addressing HIV/AIDS. After pursuing political sciences studies and professional experiences in multilateral organizations, Morgane turned to public health and activism.

Over the past three years, Morgane has worked extensively on intellectual property and access to generic treatments in Morocco and middle-income countries, approaches to decriminalization of key populations, as well as implementation and scale-up of combination prevention and testing strategies in developing countries. She works in close cooperation with partner organizations in the MENA and WCA regions in accelerating the response in these two key areas.

In Morocco, Morgane led with ALCS successful efforts for the implementation of test and treat, the launch of a pilot PrEP project and access to generic dolutegravir. She’s engaged with the NGO delegation at the Board of UNITAID.


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Berry Didier Nibogora, Attorney-at-Law

Delegation Member

Berry Didier Nibogora works at the African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR) as the Law and Human Rights Advocacy Manager. Being a unique continental voice on HIV, and human rights for MSM & LGBT communities, AMSHeR offers a platform for exchange, capacity strengthening and advocacy. Berry’s work includes supporting human rights organisations to document and respond to human rights violations and undertake evidence-based advocacy and home-grown strategies that speak to the lived realities of MSM/LGBT persons in Africa. Through HIV and human rights lens, Berry’s work advances non-discrimination and inclusion of key populations, particulary MSM, lesbians, gay men, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups in programmes and strategies in health, human rights and development at local, regional and global levels. He is based at AMSHer’s Senegal regional office, but works and provides support across the region.

A Human Rights Lawyer with 10 years’ experience of activism, Berry previous work included designing and implementing advocacy and training curriculum, providing legal aid and conflict resolution through mediation for refugees, IDPs and the youth in Burundi, Rwanda and DR Congo. Before joining AMSHeR, Berry was a lecturer of law at University of Burundi and other universities in Bujumbura. He holds an LLB in Law from University of Burundi and a Master’s degree (LL.M) in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa from the Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria’s Centre for Human Rights.


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Nathalie Rose

Delegation Member

Nathalie is an Advocacy Officer at PILS (Prevention, Information, et Lutte contre le Sida), a Mauritian-based NGO working in the Aids response, where she is involved in advocacy at the national and regional level. She is also working on international advocacy through her involvement with CoalitionPlus, international French-speaking community based organisation working in the Aids response.

Her advocacy work has been mainly around Harm Reduction, Drug Policy, Human Rights and Key Populations. She has also been the African representative on different platforms: On the Strategy Sub Committee of IDPC (International Drug Policy Consortium), as well as the Civil Society Taskforce for the UNGASS (United Nations General Assembly Special Session) on drugs. She has a Master’s Degree in Communication from Montpellier, France, and a Certificate in Harm Reduction from York, Canada.

Before joining PILS, she was working as Coordinator at CUT, Mauritian Harm Reduction NGO where she played an active role in the advocacy around Harm Reduction services for people who use drugs in Mauritius. She has been directly involved in the setting up and launching of community Needle and Syringe Programme service delivery.

Nathalie has been involved in the Aids Response for over 10 years.


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Simón Cazal

Delegation Member

Simón Cazal is a gay activist born in the city of Villeta, Paraguay. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of SOMOSGAY, the largest LGBT-rights organization in the country and one of the strongest groups in Latin America. Simón became one of the main gay leaders in the region thanks to his vast experience and ability to reconnect issues related to community mobilization, high-level political advocacy, HIV prevention and human rights all in one.
With over ten years of accumulated experience as a community-based group, SOMOSGAY has been able to overcome the discriminatory society in which they work on a daily basis thanks to the dedication, passion and leadership of Simón and his team. Currently, Simón is also the Secretary of GayLatino, the main advocacy network led by Latino gay men from all around the world.

Until late 2016, Simón also served as delegate and representative for Latin America in the NGO Delegation to the UNAIDS’ Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) as well as a member of the MSMGF Steering Committee since 2010, providing feedback and support to the forum and other partners and allies.
Simón is currently based in Asunción, and is also a deep cat lover and a huge fan of comic books and superheroes.


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Sonal Mehta

Delegation Member

Sonal became the Chief Executive of Alliance India in October 2016, after serving in the capacity of Director Programmes and Policy in the organisations for nine years.

With three decades of experience in sexual health and development, Sonal guides Alliance India’s mission of community action for ending AIDS with a lot of programmatic experience and management smartness. Before joining Alliance India, Sonal was Challenge Fund Manager in the DFID programme that led to many path-breaking interventions in India including brining oral substitution therapy for people who inject drugs. Prior to that she worked with organisations in India including NACO, Gujarat SACS, CHETNA and SEWA, as well as with the Pacific Institute of Women’s Health in Los Angeles, USA.

Sonal has a Master of Social Work from the Faculty of Social Work, Vadodara, Gujarat. In a stride to continue learning, she completed her International Masters in Practicing Management from McGill and is pursuing Masters in Science in International Management from Lancaster, UK.

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Talent Jumo

Delegation Member

Talent Jumo, is a passionate feminist activist from Zimbabwe. A Teacher by profession, Talent has 13 years’ experience working on women and health programmes, particularly on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), including HIV and AIDS. She joined the Community Working Group on Health in 2005- as a Gender Officer for the HIV programme. Talent Co-Founded the Young Women’s Leadership Initiative (now Katswe Sistahood) in 2007, and has served Katswe Sistahood as Director since 2012.

Katswe Sistahood, winner of the 2015 STARS Global; With and For Girls Award has championed the agenda for movement building with young women from marginalised communities in Zimbabwe, towards the achievement of their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. In her work, Talent has prioritised and supported rights of young women and adolescent girls from marginalised groups, including for the rights of sex workers; and pushing advocacy for social protection for children selling sex. Katswe Sistahood is also convener of Pepeta Africa, an advocacy platform for SRHR activists in Southern Africa.

In 2016, Talent was nominated to serve as the Women’s Representative on the Country Coordinating Mechanism against HIV/TB and Malaria; through the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe- Health Cluster. She is a member of the Women for the Global Fund. Through her leadership, the women’s sector in Zimbabwe is mobilised; and engaged in consultative meetings and submitted a priorities charter on engendering the HIV/TB response during the Zimbabwe Funding Request to the Global Fund in 2017.

In 2017, Talent was also nominated into the Age of Wonderland Network; as a social entrepreneur and visionary, and will host a Day of Learning as part of the 100 Days of Learning Initiative; to inspire others to serve and work towards positive social transformation.


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Gaj Gurung

Delegation Member

Gaj is an emerging development practitioner from Nepal. In his young career, he has gained substantive experience and exposure working with young people, adolescents, key population programming in context of HIV response as well as in gender equality at national, regional (Asia and the Pacific) and the global level working with Developing Country NGO Delegation to the board of Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Mr. Gurung has led and represented the voice of national and Asian youth and key populations in many high-level delegations and international platforms. As a recent postgraduate student, Gaj boasts a Master’s degree in development studies with distinction. This youth activist is a technical expert with skills in conceptualising, designing, planning, implementing and monitoring human development programs, including in the area of social development.

Gaj is a staunch believer that social, ecological and economic development should complement each other to gain sustainable development. Undoubtedly, he has proven is committed to the cause of human development and empowerment. “The combination of local knowledge from local community and professional expertise and knowledge can yield best synthesis for development.”


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Joselyn Pang

Delegation Member

Joselyn Pang is Manager, International Program, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations Joselyn brings with her 16 years of professional experience in development work, with a focus on the HIV response in South East Asian countries including Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Over the past ten years, she developed technical skills in grant and project management, technical support management and delivery, community capacity development, risk management, monitoring and evaluation and proposal development.
She expanded the first Asia-Pacific regional pediatric HIV database into a large and diversified program including seven sub-studies on adolescent’s behavior, co-infections, and effects of anti-HIV drugs, and educational activities from the year 2006-2012 during her role as the Pediatric Program Manager at TREAT Asia.

She served as a Project Director of the National Global Fund grant at the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) from the April 2012- February 2017. She successfully led two rounds of funding proposals with robust implementation arrangement plans for eventual transition and sustainability of the national response. She also initiated innovative approaches such as PrEP and case management in ensuring key populations are tested and retained in the continuum of care. She has vast experience working with key populations (KPs), government partners, and providing strong linkages and partnership in the HIV response.

Currently, she leads a two-year regional Global Fund grant, which aims to enable and empower Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and KP networks in four countries in South East Asia to engage and advocate in HIV funding processes. The program will contribute to evolving understandings of transition and sustainable financing, engaging civil society and key population perspectives on key HIV financing issues and aligning with country specific priorities and national strategic plans.


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