Human Rights Lawyer Appointed Chair of Implementer Group of The Global Fund Board

October 2015

Kandersteg, Switzerland

Allan Maleche, Alternate Board Member of the Delegation, is the newly elected Chairperson of the Implementer Group of The Global Fund Board.

The Implementer Group, represents one half of the Implementer-Donor led Board of the global financing mechanism for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Maleche, the alternate board member from the Developing Country NGO Constituency was endorsed and appointed during the 4th annual retreat of the Implementer Group in Kandersteg, Switzerland. He ran for the seat, unopposed.

The implementers also endorsed Dr. Natalya Nizova, from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Constituency as Vice Chair.

In thanking his colleagues, Maleche stressed that the Implementers will need to be unified in their call for well-planned transition and sustainability frameworks and policies,

“The work of The Global Fund is as relevant and even more crucial now than it has ever been in world health history. While we celebrate having impacted 17 million lives through our grants, there are millions more impacted by the three diseases, who we are yet to reach. They too are counting on us to be even more ambitious in our investments so they can also be players in the history book of The Global Fund’s success. We therefore have the obligation to them, and can only deliver on this promise as a united team,” Maleche said.

“I am counting on all of us to focus on the task before us, and work to ensure we deliver on our mandate,” He added.

The members echoed the need for the Implementer leadership to continue strengthening governance at all levels of The Fund, its facilitation of implementer engagement as well as its strategizing on board issues and decisions.

Dereck Springer, out-going Implementer Chair, expressed his support and congratulations to Maleche.

“I believe that he will provide the strategic leadership required to further increase implementers’ collaboration and advance the voice of Implementers within the Global Fund governance structures,” Springer said..

“I look forward to his leadership of the Implementers and his raising the voice of the implementers at all levels in the Global Fund Board,” Loretta Wong, out-going Vice Chair said.

The young human rights lawyer has been working in the field of health, HIV, TB, law and human rights since 2007. Undeniably, Maleche’s passion is human rights and unapologetically stresses the importance of ensuring human rights principles and considerations through all Global fund programmes and policies.

He serves as the first executive director of KELIN, an award winning organization promoting and protecting health related human rights in East Africa.

Before KELIN, Mr. Maleche worked as a litigation associate at the firm of Rachier & Amollo Advocates. He has provided consultancy services to UNAIDS, UNDP, Action AID International among others, and has contributed to working papers that were incorporated in the Global Commission Report on HIV and the Law. He was involved in the drafting and development of the East African HIV & Management Act.

To close his presentation to the retreat, Mr. Maleche resonated to members, the urgency in aiming for a fully funded Global Fund.


Allan Maleche is a 2015 Fellow at Harvard University’s François-Xavier Bagnoud Center For Health and Human Rights.


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