Delegation Call for Members 2017-2019

Call for Membership to the Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Board of

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Membership 2017 to 2019

CLOSING DATE for this call for nominations is

Friday March 30, 2017

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The Global Fund is an international financing institution that fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria with a 21st century approach: partnership, transparency, constant learning and results-based funding.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was created in 2002 to dramatically increase resources for the fight against the three pandemics. It spurs partnerships between government, civil society, the private sector and communities living with the diseases, the most effective way to fight these deadly infectious diseases. The Global Fund does not manage or implement programs on the ground, relying instead on local experts. It works with partners to ensure that funding serves the men, women and children affected by these diseases in the most effective way (Refer:

The Developing Country NGO Delegation

The Delegation aims to contribute to and influence Global Fund (GF) policies and practices in an effort to make them continually and appropriately responsive to the needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the NGOs and CBOs providing necessary services. The defining feature of this delegation is its ability to bring relevant perspectives as implementers and representatives from recipient countries — based on the knowledge and experience of Non-Governmental Organisations/Community-Based Organisations and Faith based Organisations (NGOs/ CBOs /FBOs) and their constituencies,

The Delegation is a team of volunteers and seek to expand its team with suitable candidates/ members capable of representing the diverse NGO/ CBO / FBO response to HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria on the GF Board. Also to aid in meeting the following objectives:

  • Represent the perspectives, views and concerns of Developing Country NGO’s on the GF Board in a strategic and consultative manner.
  • Inform and positively influence the governance processes of the GF to better integrate non-governmental and community based efforts to fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria into national and international responses.


Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Board of The Global Fund is currently inviting nominations for membership from individuals representing and working with NGO’s in the global south (Africa, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean). The selection process strives to achieve a balanced and representative Delegation with strong consideration for the following qualities:

  • Adolescent and Youths in their diversity,
  • Malaria expertise,
  • Tuberculosis expertise,
  • Women in all their diversity,
  • Sexual and gender diversity,
  • Strong knowledge in finance, strategic planning, media, gender and human rights issues,
  • Sustainability, Transitioning and Co-Financing,
  • Key Populations in all their diversity
  • Specially invited to apply, persons from the following REGIONS and COUNTRIES: EMRO,MENA regions, Asia and Asia Pacific, Africa, Francophone Africa.

The Delegation operates in English. Linguists, who possess strong working competencies in the other languages of the Global Fund  (French, Spanish, Russian) are encouraged to apply.

For more information on how to apply, please download the complete details here.

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