Call for Senior Consultant to Revise Manual for the Developing Country NGO Constituency


To revise the Constituency handbook, which provides a manual and guide for the procedures and operations of the Developing Country NGO Constituency, in line with latest Global Fund Procedures.


The consultant will provide the following support:

  1. Conduct comprehensive consultations and reviews, including with:
  • Delegation leadership,
  • Delegation members,
  • Office of Board Affairs, Other Board Constituencies and stakeholders as appropriate
  • A review of the existing Delegation manual and The Global Fund’s Board Operating Procedures – for relevant input into the updated manual.
  1. Provide working drafts of the Constituency handbook, based on consulting input.
  2. Conduct one virtual review session of the updated guide with all members and make recommendation for future orientation.
  3. Produce a completed electronic copy of the handbook with annexes of relevant documents

The Consultant shall report directly to the Board Member of the Developing Country NGO Constituency. A working group, comprised of delegates of the Constituency, will provide guidance and oversight. The consultant will also be supported by a Communications Focal Point for research assistance.


The Consultant is expected to possess the following qualifications, experience, skills, and personal characteristics:

  1. Advanced degree or qualifications in communications, education, public health, social sciences or related field;
  2. Proven track record in published writing with public health focus;
  3. Two to five years’ experience conducting and publishing research-oriented writings and five years related research experience;
  4. Proven skills and experience in guiding and supporting within a participatory approach;
  5. Experience of work with civil society and key affected communities;
  6. Ability to communicate with a broad range of stakeholders, in particular with
  7. Members of key communities as well as governmental authorities
  8. In-depth knowledge and understanding of The Global Fund and its processes including Board governance and Constituencies;
  9. At least three-years related experience in the areas of curriculum development and behavior change communication with focus on adult learner and participatory methodologies
  10. Knowledge of HIV/STIs, sexuality, gender issues, stigma and discrimination
  11. Ability to work on his/her own initiative
  12. Excellent communication, facilitation, interpersonal and management skills
  13. Strong research, problem solving and analytical skills

The Consultant will be remunerated using a fixed budget method for services provided over a total of 15 days, expected to be completed by July 30, 2017. Payment will be effected upon receipt of invoices from the Consultant according to a mutually agreed timeline and schedule of disbursements. One will be suggested.


  1. Consultancy briefing with Delegation leadership & working group followed by a review current and relevant Delegation and Board and documents, manual, operations and procedures.
  2. Conduct consultations with constituency representatives and leadership as needed
  3. Provide written draft of manual with clear evidence of input
  4. Edit and provide update of manual
  5. Review updated manual with membership with emphasis on key changes
  6. Produced a final electronic version of the Delegation Manual

Interested individuals should submit the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae outlining specific relevant experience;
  2. Samples of written and or published works and articles (reports and multimedia samples are acceptable);
  3. Brief tabled-work plan or a short description of the approach to consultancy
  4. Financial considerations

Submissions should be sent to and no later than 5PM CET on June 20, 2017. For further information contact Jomain McKenzie, Communications Focal Point


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