Board Constituency Presents Position Paper on Key Issues of the 38th Meeting of the Global Fund Board.

Geneva, November 19, 2017

See the official submission here.

At the 38th Board Meeting, the Developing Country NGO (DCNGO) Constituency submitted official statements and opinions on key policy and reporting documents. These were presented in advance of the opening of the Board and were intended to facilitate more robust debates and discussions at the Board Table, aid Secretariat staff in preparing more targeted responses to the Board and familiarise other Board members on DCNGO positions.

The Developing Country NGO Constituency participated in and coordinated pre-board meetings with Secretariat staff, Donor Group Constituencies, Office of the Inspector General as well as Implementer Group Colleagues, including Communities and Developed Country NGO Delegations.

The position paper was the result of these and other consultations. While other talking points were developed and presented at the Board table, the following represent the Delegation’s position on 6 key issues, integral to the work and function of NGOs of the global south:

  1. Input into the Development of a Human Rights Crisis Protocol
  2. Annual Report of the Interim Executive Director
  3. Office of the Inspector General Progress Update
  4. Risk Management Report
  5. Annual Report on Privileges and Immunities
  6. Evolving Country Coordinating Mechanisms to Align with The Global Fund Strategy

See the official submission here.

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