Keep Venezuela on the Agenda

The DCNGO Supports Implementers’ Commitment to Fight for Countries in Crisis

The Developing Country NGO Constituency (DCNGO) provided leadership in the process of developing a statement to the Board on the Venezuela crisis. There is a push to explore using the NGO rule in this instance. The Secretariat claims that poor or insufficient systems data maintains Venezuela’s ineligibility, despite its heavily documented and increasing diseases burden and income level.

The LAC, DCNGO and other CS Delegations of the Board expressed a commitment to keep Venezuela on the Global Fund Board’s agenda. Action from the GF was difficult or unforeseen due to this ineligibility, however it was the general opinion that the Fund could use its agency and voice to advocate governments, UN and other systems to support the
procurement of health commodities and other needs.

As a next step, the Implementers signaled their support for A Roundtable Update with advocate Mary Ann Torres and others. The DCNGO and other delegations shared supportive statements during the 38th Board Meeting. There was agreement that the Venezuela crisis provides an opportunity to discuss more broadly, GF policy on countries facing health crises. The Strategy Committee (SC) has established a working group to discuss the Venezuela response. The DCNGO raised that the
Board Leadership should ensure that the working group is expanded and benefit from members that are not part of the SC.

Over the next few months and leading up to the 39th Board Meeting, Developing Country NGOs will co-ordinate and join efforts to use the opportunity that the Eligibility Policy review provides, for strengthening discussions on how the GF responds to countries in health crises; especially as they relate to or impact the three diseases.

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