Delegation Sets Six Priorities as Building Blocks for 2018-2019 Work Plan

MARRAKECH – For 2018 to 2019, the Developing Country NGO (DCNGO) Delegation will focus its agenda on impacting and influencing six core areas of the Global Fund’s work: Board culture and governance, Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Evolution, Eligibility, Human Rights, Gender Equality, the 6th Replenishment as well as Sustainability Transition and Co-financing.

The Board Delegation developed this agenda for its yearly work plan, after thorough consultations with civil society, partners and stakeholders and an intense three-day strategic retreat in Marrakech, Morocco March 8-10, 2018. Beyond setting priorities the meeting provided the opportunity for members of the delegation – from 15 countries – to reflect and asses its work and previous work plan.

Dr. Edona Deva, Alternate Board Member believes that the CCM evolution and STC policies will perhaps be of greatest impact to civil society implementers.
“Our Delegation has to play a role in preparing civil society for pending changes and ensuring the Fund keeps civil society interests within these policies,” Dr. Deva said.

In recognizing its governance and oversight role, as a member of the Global Fund Board, the Delegations’ priorities align with what are and will be key discussions and decisions at the board table, particularly between the 39th and 41st Board Meetings.

This was the Delegation’s first formal visit to the Middle East and North African (MENA) region and delegates used the opportunity, as per its custom, to engage communities and civil society implementing partners in the country – a practice the delegation hopes to encourage to all governance officials of the Board.

The Delegation’s three-day meeting also saw the team engaging Executive Director Mr. Peter Sands on a number of the six priority issues, while echoing their openness to collaboration and partnership in moving civil society issues forward and working to mitigate against the shrinking space for civil society voices across the Global Fund architecture and at country level.

“We sincerely welcome Mr. Sands receptivity to engaging with civil society and communities. Our Delegation is uniquely placed to ensure he is kept informed on our most pressing issues and needs. We are especially looking forward to supporting Mr. Sands and our Fund through the 6th replenishment, so we can have the resources to meet these needs,” Allan Maleche, Board Member shared.

Mr. Sands signaled his commitment right away, with an agreement to meeting with civil society and community representatives in New Delhi India, on the heels of the regional TB Summit in the South East Asia city.

Coupled with its agreement to bring these civil society perspectives to the Board, the DCNGO Delegation expressed a commitment to strengthening consultations with the global south and has expanded platforms including, a new website and social media pages for engagement.

Jomain McKenzie
Communications Focal Point

The Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Board of the Global Fund is a voting constituency on the Board of the Global Fund and represents NGOs, from the Developing World, serving those affected by HIV/AIDS, TB, & Malaria. The Delegation seeks to influence decisions and policies to ensure strategic, continuous and appropriate responsiveness to the needs of those affected by the three diseases and the NGOs providing services to them.

For more information, please contact Focal Point, Developing Country NGO Delegation,; Allan Maleche, (Board Member); or Edona Deva, (Alternate Board Member).

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