Developing Country NGO Delegation Board Member joins Audit and Finance Committee


21 May 2018

Allan Maleche, Board Member of the Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has been appointed by the Board to serve on its Audit and Finance Committee. The appointment of new committee members was among the Board’s decisions during its 39th meeting, which took place on 9 and 10 May 2018 in Skopje, Macedonia.

“It is an honour to serve on the Audit and Finance Committee.  I look forward to playing my role to ensure the optimal performance of the financial operations of the Global Fund and to provide oversight of the financial management of the Global Fund’s resources. It is a critical period where we need to ensure newly signed grants are utilizing funds effectively and efficiently, and raise additional funding in an unpredictable environment. The Global Fund must be, and must be perceived to be, a reliable and essential investment during this critical period, as the global health and development agenda evolves,” says Allan Maleche.

Allan commends the committee’s examination of the absorption of grant funds across the Global Fund grant portfolio to date, and looks forward to continued committee engagement on maximizing the use, effectiveness and efficiency of the Global Fund’s investments, particularly with respect to high-burden countries that have historically had difficulties with absorption, and amongst populations disproportionately affected by HIV, tuberculosis or malaria.

As the Board Member of the Developing Country NGO Delegation, Allan is a dynamic leader in the field of global health governance, understanding how to listen to and learn from diverse views, weaving them into consensus. He brings to the Audit and Finance Committee over a decade of experience in promoting ethical, human rights-based approaches to health planning, programming and service delivery. He is also the previous Chair of the Implementer Group of the Global Fund Board where he drove the development of shared priorities, strengthened internal governance and cohesive communications among the Implementer Group’s ten diverse constituencies, and led the collective production of a road map to tackle priorities, including: absorptive capacity, sustainability and transition, as well as human rights and gender equality. Allan also has extensive experience managing finances, operations and people, serving as Executive Director of the Kenya Legal & Ethical Issues Network on HIV and AIDS.

Allan looks forward to engaging on the diverse areas under the Audit and Finance Committee’s mandate, fromresource mobilization strategies, policies and activities of the Global Fund, including the next replenishment, to the work of the Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General.

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