Global Network of Malaria Civil Society Established

2 July 2018

Melbourne, Australia – During the two-day Global Civil Society Strategising and Advocacy Pre-Meeting held on the 29th and 30th June in Melbourne, Australia, co-organised by Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) Asia Pacific and APCASO, and supported by the Global Fund Secretariat, Malaria World Congress and Burnet Institute, a global network of malaria civil society was created, the Global Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME).

An interim working group made up of members from the meeting from malaria civil society at national and regional levels has been set up to coordinate, develop relevant processes and mechanisms, and mobilise resources and support necessary for CS4ME going forward, with the recognition that further outreach needs to be made to members of malaria communities and CS that were not represented at the meeting. 

Participants of the two-day pre-meeting also worked to develop key messages for a Global Civil Society for Malaria Elimination Statement  that will be distributed to Malaria World Congress participants calling on governments of implementing countries, donor countries and other duty bearers to:

1. Frame malaria respones in the context of social justice and human rights, and within Universal Health Coverage
2. Make malaria decision-making spaces more inclusive and enable malaria civil society mobilisation
3. Fully meet the funding needs for the malaria response and health systems strengthening
4. Partner with civil society and community actors for an effective malaria surveillance and response

Please contact Olivia Ngou Zangue at for further information. 

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