We want to hear from you!

The Developing Country NGO Delegation to the Global Fund Board welcomes input from our constituency. We draw on your expertise and experience to set delegation priorities, to write position statements and for our oral interventions and talking points during Standing Committee and Board meetings.

 Who can share input? Our constituency includes national, regional and global NGOs and networks, civil society representatives on CCMs and regional CCMs, as well as civil society implementers of Global Fund grants who operate as Principal Recipients, Sub-Recipients and Sub Sub-Recipients. 

If I already sent input to the Developed or Communities delegation, may I also contact you? Yes! If you are a member of the constituency as defined above, we want to hear from you. 

What form should my input take? Any form that works for you! We especially appreciate letters sharing your recommendations and research in advance of upcoming Committee or Board meetings, and we are also happy to set up calls, should there be an issue you wish to discuss.  

When is the best time to send input? You can send input anytime. It is most useful for us to receive your input two weeks in advance of a Board or Committee meeting. Please check the Global Fund website to see the dates of Board meetings and Committee meetings.  

How will I know if you used my input? If we need additional information, we will write back to you with feedback on the issue. We also public our delegation’s Position Papers on our website. 

How can you stay updated on the work the delegation is doing and the issues that are to be discussed at Board and Committee meetings? We have a Google group that we use to update our constituency. You can sign up to the Google group here.

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