The Global Fund Office of the Inspector General’s Advisory on Removing Human Rights-barriers: a call for action to all

Stigma, discrimination and punitive laws and practices have long hindered national responses to HIV, TB and malaria. Recognizing that maximum impact in the fight against the three diseases cannot be achieved without taking the human rights of beneficiaries into account, the Global Fund has elevated its commitment to removing human rights-related barriers to accessing services to the highest level as a strategic objective; the 2017-2022 Strategic Objective 3 is to Promote and Protect Human Rights and Gender Equality. 

The Office of the Inspector General has released an Advisory on Removing Human Rights-barriers provides recommendations, which if implemented rapidly across the Global Fund, would accelerate our performance. We have called for the Secretariat, together with the Board, to urgently develop an implementation plan, but we cannot do this without civil society. 

We urge you to read the Office of the Inspector General’s Advisory Report on Removing Human Rights-barriers in English or French and to spread the word far and wide. The Developing Country NGO Delegation will be hosting a webinar on this in January 2020, and look forward to engaging with you on this.  

We welcome your views on what more the Board or Secretariat can do to ensure human rights are a reality. You can reach us on

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