The Global Fund Strategic Framework highlights the importance of community leadership, health equity and human rights and gender equality

The Global Fund Board approved the Strategy Framework for 2023-2028 at an Extraordinary Board meeting yesterday, following more than a year of consultations and discussions. It was a challenging Board Meeting with differing views on some elements and wording in the Framework, but we pushed for the needs of our constituency and found much support at the Board for our priorities.  The Framework (below) that was approved includes many of these priorities, such as working with and to serve the health needs of people and communities at the center of the Global Fund’s work; maintaining our core mandate to HIV, TB and malaria; the centrality of maximising community leadership and health equity, gender equality and human rights, while committing to a people-centered integrated health systems.

Approved Strategic Framework

Now that the Framework has been approved, the narrative of the Global Fund Strategy for 2023-2028 will be developed by 1 September 2021. Based on the written input we received from our broader constituency and from the great conversation at the webinar held on 15 July 2021, the Developing Country NGO constituency called for a robust, comprehensive and clear Narrative to outline how our goals and objectives will be translated into action.

We urged the Board and the Secretariat to explain how it will work differently, taking into account the areas we have not done well in under the current Strategy.  It is important that the Strategy Narrative answers these critical questions: 

  • How will  the Global Fund deliver an inclusive partnership where communities and civil society are truly respected as equal partners with government public health systems. 
  • What will the Global Fund do differently in order to reach our goal and objectives, particularly around those areas where we have made slow progress: community leadership and equity, rights and gender equality.
  • How will the Strategy prioritise prevention of HIV, TB and Malaria, including through supporting decriminalisation and harm reduction
  • How will the Global Fund pursue and strengthen an integrated, holistic and public health approach to ending HTM, and their comorbidities, and contribute to UHC
  • How a person-centred approach and integrated systems will be put into practice.
  • How programmes for key and vulnerable populations will be sustained in transition countries where domestic support is lacking.
  • How grantmaking and the monitoring and evaluation indicators will encourage long-term investments (in areas such as community system strengthening, addressing structural barriers, etc).

We appreciate the contribution provided through consultations with local civil society organizations, community leaders, and key populations’ networks. It created a firm ground for the Delegation to bring up the above key points at the Board level.

While we are pleased that the Strategic Framework has been approved, reflecting many of our key asks, we urge that the Strategy narrative outlines how we will work differently to achieve impact, while committing to community leadership, equity, human rights and gender equality. 

Stay Engaged!

We are grateful for the input from our broader constituency and rely on you to represent your views at the Board. We will be sharing updates and requesting input around the below key next steps in the development of the new Strategy. We will continue to raise your and our key priorities around community leadership, health equity and human rights and gender equality. 

Timeline Activity
By 30 July Any additional input on the Strategic Framework to be submitted
1 September Draft strategy narrative circulated for constituency review and input
10 September  Deadline for submission of constituency input on draft strategy narrative
21 September Distribution of document to Strategy Committee recommending strategy narrative
5-6 October 17th Strategy Committee meeting  where Strategy Narrative will be recommended to the Board.
9-10 November 46th Board meeting (Decision to adopt Global Fund strategy)

The Developing Country NGO delegation to the Board of the Global Fund is a voting constituency that represents NGOs from the developing world, serving those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, TB, & Malaria. The delegation seeks to influence decisions and policies to ensure strategic, continuous and appropriate responsiveness to the needs of those affected by the three diseases and the NGOs providing services to them. For more information or to arrange a call or submit a letter, please contact our Focal Point at

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