Dr. Edona Deva

Edona is a Medical Doctor, a public health specialist and Master of Health Management with over twelve years of experience in planning, coordination, and program management. She has vast knowledge in HIV and AIDS at various levels of the response.

From 2003-2008 she coordinated a multi-sectorial national response working as a National AIDS Coordinator; contributing to the development of the National AIDS Program by mobilizing national and international resources to ensure universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services.

Edona has played a key role in the initiation of HIV treatment and care services in Kosovo by ensuring a sustainable and steady allocation for the ART and HIV reference lab, from the government budget. Her efforts to set up a local NGO to work with people affected by the disease resulted in the establishment of Kosovo Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS, and the first community center for PLHIV Care. In a very conventional and conservative political setting, she strongly advocated the initiation of harm-reduction and OST programs for PWID.

Edona has a long-standing expertise in Global Fund processes having served as PR, supported national grant writing process and serving on the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM). In 2008, she began her service as a Global Fund HIV Program Manager. A position she holds today.

Edona joined Community Development Fund in 2011. She’s also a member of Kosovo AIDS Committee and National Anti-drug Commission. She has extensive experience engaging with partners at national, regional and international levels, including governments, UN agencies, civil society and multilateral donor agencies.

Edona is not only a strong leader in national HIV programs, but has proven capability in working in post-war, transitional, as well as in socially diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural settings. Edona is a strong human rights advocate and fights daily against stigma and discrimination towards socially marginalized groups and people affected by the three diseases.

Edona is the HIV Program Manager for Kosovo at the Community Development Fund for the Global Fund programme.


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