Dr. Jorge Saavedra

Jorge Saavedra is an HIV and AIDS physician, and internationally recognize human rights advocate. As previous head of CENSIDA, Dr. Saavedra led the successful effort to provide access to lifesaving antiretroviral therapy to all Mexican citizens living with HIV/AIDS through the national health system. Having joined the national HIV/AIDS program in 1997, Dr. Saavedra founded the first HIV/AIDS ambulatory care clinic in Mexico in 2000—the Clinica Condesa— now the largest HIV/AIDS provider in Mexico currently caring for 3,000 patients.

The Mexican government has now established fifty-two sites based on his successful model under the name CAPASITS. Jorge was also instrumental in bringing the XVII International AIDS Conference to Mexico City in 2008—the first time the conference had been held in a Latin American country. An outspoken advocate on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment issues, Jorge designed and led the first official government-approved media campaign to promote the use of condoms in Mexico. He has also been out front with regard to the need to address stigma, discrimination and homophobia in the fight against HIV/AIDS around the world.

Joining with AIDS Healthcare Foundation and a coalition of Mexican advocacy groups, Dr. Saavedra has been a key leader in the campaign to lower the cost of antiretroviral medications. His participation in recent successful lobbying efforts aimed at pharmaceutical companies and the Mexican government has resulted in increased access to lifesaving treatment for those in need. Dr. Saavedra received his medical degree from the National Autonomous The university of Mexico and earned Master degrees in both public health and health policy and management from Harvard University.


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