Talent Jumo

Talent Jumo, is a passionate feminist activist from Zimbabwe. A Teacher by profession, Talent has 13 years’ experience working on women and health programmes, particularly on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), including HIV and AIDS. She joined the Community Working Group on Health in 2005- as a Gender Officer for the HIV programme. Talent Co-Founded the Young Women’s Leadership Initiative (now Katswe Sistahood) in 2007, and has served Katswe Sistahood as Director since 2012.

Katswe Sistahood, winner of the 2015 STARS Global; With and For Girls Award has championed the agenda for movement building with young women from marginalised communities in Zimbabwe, towards the achievement of their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. In her work, Talent has prioritised and supported rights of young women and adolescent girls from marginalised groups, including for the rights of sex workers; and pushing advocacy for social protection for children selling sex. Katswe Sistahood is also convener of Pepeta Africa, an advocacy platform for SRHR activists in Southern Africa.

In 2016, Talent was nominated to serve as the Women’s Representative on the Country Coordinating Mechanism against HIV/TB and Malaria; through the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe- Health Cluster. She is a member of the Women for the Global Fund. Through her leadership, the women’s sector in Zimbabwe is mobilised; and engaged in consultative meetings and submitted a priorities charter on engendering the HIV/TB response during the Zimbabwe Funding Request to the Global Fund in 2017.

In 2017, Talent was also nominated into the Age of Wonderland Network; as a social entrepreneur and visionary, and will host a Day of Learning as part of the 100 Days of Learning Initiative; to inspire others to serve and work towards positive social transformation.


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